Here is a list of radio documentarys, dramas, features and live broadcasts I have done on my own.

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Finding My Voice


Documentary exploring speech disorders as with the one I had myself. featuring Michael Rosen.

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Retro Gaming Nostalgia


Documentary exploring the attachment we have to games of our past and if that nostalgia is hurting the future of the gaming industry.

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Radio Ads


Collection of Radio ads I made for our pop up university radio station.

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Radio Lad


Highlights of my Radio show at Radiolab where I presenter the Thursday morning show.


Brian Wilson: Music & Madness


Bio documentary of beach boy Brian wilson surround his genius producing one of the most acclaimed albums in history 'Pet Sounds' Nominated for a SRA award in 2017 for best music specialist.


V&A Feature


Interview feature with V&A curator Victoria Broackes regarding the exhibition Records & Rebels.


Teenage Cancer Trust Feature


Feature about the 15th anniversary of the Teenage Cancer Trust concerts at the Royal Albert Hall 

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Rolling Stones: Live at 50


Radio documentary exploring the 50 year career of live shows of The Rolling Stones

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Words On The Wall


Radio drama based off the 1979 concept album 'The Wall' by the band Pink Floyd.

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Try & Maybe Succeed


Comedy series where I embark on a challange and see if I can suceed, epsodes include running a marathon and writing poetry.

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Top Records: 1965


Radio documentary exploring arguable the top 3 albums of 1965.