Factual Producer

Audio Always                                                                                       March 2021 - Present

Producer / Reporter

World Service (Trending)                                                              Sept 2019 – Feb 2021


Trending produces radio documentaries, films and articles that investigate stories surrounding social media.  I produced and presented audio documentaries on deepfakes, Influencers harming nature and Covid-19 fake news. I also filmed and edited digital videos and wrote online articles. During the 2019 General Election I worked with the social media investigation team looking at how social media influence impacted the outcome.


In 2020 I produced a video about Poland’s ‘LGBT+ Free Zones’ leading a team of a correspondent and cameraman on location in Poland and a video editor in London. The video has gained over 7 million views on social media and was the most viewed on BBC News Online that week.


In 2020 along with the rest of Trending I was nominated for a Webby Award for Best Social News & Politics Series.



Assistant Producer

Radio 4 Current Affairs                                                 Jan 2020 – February 2020


Working on the business discussion show ‘The Bottom Line’ with Evan Davis, my role was finding contributors for topics on numerous subjects, conducting briefing calls and preparing detailed notes and script for Evan. I produced episodes myself on planning & development and 4-day work week.



Podcast Producer                                                                                    

BBC Sounds (Beyond Today)                                                           August 2019 – September 2019



Roles included mixing audio, booking guests, writing scripts and producing episodes such as on how we work and how a rumour can spread online. I created a social media strategy and implemented it by filming interviews for the team to regularly produce videos to heighten their online presence.




Producer                                                                                         April 2019 – August 2019

Radio 4 (Front Row)                                                                              


The role included communication with PR agencies, on location recording, audio mixing packages and turning around material on the day. Items produced include Olly Alexander, George the Poet, Toy Story 4 director as well as presenting my own package about the Shakespeare Globe.


I also filmed material with guests for their social media accounts such as Vampire Weekend & Frank Skinner which resulted in them being picked up by other BBC outlets to reach a wider audience.



Assistant Producer                                              

BBC Radio Visualisation team                                                              Oct 2018 – April 2019       


Working with a small team who operate filmed content for national BBC radio stations. I filmed and edited numerous live music performances including Radio1 Live Lounge, Radio 2 Piano Room & Breakfast, Radio 6 Live room and numerous specials at Maida Vale.


I worked on many projects including the Radio 1 Escape room and the 6 Music festival. I made many montages for stations and produced social media videos for numerous stations.

Podcast Producer 

On The Left side

Podcast Producer



BBC Music (Proms)

Work Experience

News Team

BBC Three Counties